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~ Stellar.

How doyou do it? make me feel like i do..
how do you do it? it's better than i ever knew...

Hmm ok out in derby sucked monkey balls and well ive done nothing but stay in bed this holiday and see matt, seeing matt has been nice though :)

gots me some kisses and compliments on sat'd night, which was an awesome night and i hadnt seen Iain for like forever so that was good. Lots of drunk and wreckedness. oh and some lie -in on sunday *lovely*
Im pretty sick of Greg lately just lots of arguing which is shit.
meh i cant wait to get back to college just so i have something to do !!

im gonna have a bath and listen to music and sing loudly, because my life is empty and i have nothing else to do.

Oh why cant i be what you need? a new improved version of me?...
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