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~boys dont cry.

Ive been listening to The Cure alot lately, lyrics to their songs are usually so thoughtful and generally relate alot, to alot of ppl.

meh today i got my stuff back from Grants, it was so painful i cried so much its the worst feeling to sit there and watch someone you loves heart break beacuse of yourself, but i just cant do it, theres too much other stuff i need to do alone and i know its for the best but it hurt so much i cant explain. im SO alone and i know it. im tired of being told im important to ppl. if i was really that important youd make more effort to see me and spend time with me.
anyway... i feel so delicate because today hurt so much </3 and katie im prety sure youre feeling similar so i guess maybe we shoudl have a girly night and get it out our system.. but in notts though, yeah? x.x.x
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