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~ravel in the songs that he sings <3 .

Sooooo im pretty sure ive been a miserable cunt lately , i do apologise. anyhoo satd was rather fun . rather fun indeed. met iains ~boy~ and he was very cute so therfore i aprove =P nah, not that shallow, hes wonderful. well done mr Iain, glad youre happy it was so awesome to see you <3
also it was a wierd night which was incredibly fun alot of ppl were out so it was fun to see everyone, i must say hollie did her -re-visit to city just amazingly. if youre gonna drink, do it properly . hoorah lol. nah hope youre ok missy, you didnt ruin the night <3

hmm anyhoo matt was out im kinda hoping ppl like him because hes so lovely and he makes me happy =)
hmm anyhoo after city stayed at matt's, phoned in sick to work on sunday got treated like a bitch onthe phoen oh well Di's a middle aged cow whos only social life revolves around bingo, ok im harsh but shes a bitch to me so its fine.
then sunday i spent sulking and snappy due to tiredness. wait no aft4r city i went to matts friends house and got sotned haha then woke ppl up having sex. THEN on sunday we went to asda and all matts friends came over for a BBQ , which was alot of fun and they all liek me which is even better <3

anyhoo we snook away for sex, and then everyone knew lol ohh well theyl get over it.
anyhoo then this morning matt dropped me off home and i went straight tro wotk for 10 am. and now im doing textiles exam stuff, and tomorrow, is ... COHEEEEEEEEEED <3333

that is all.
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