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~stay still, you will tonight..

so, ok i figured id better update seeing as i havent in forever.
me and matt are really good, just got back from cornwall, so very brown and loking rather hot with blonde hair <3 *yay*
anyhoo twas my birthday the otehr week and from the boy [mine of course not iains] i recieved

*a hand crafted bracelet which looks so scarliy expensive but so pretty i adore it <3
*a garbage vinyl
*tinkerbell bed spread and make up bag **i = adore Disney <333**
*a box of chocolates
*a gift box full of stuff from lush

and.. ok i cant remember the rest =(
but ive had amazing week with him. beahces and sunsets = incredible

hmm anyhoo to do with going out ppl must make effort soon, either an obsessions with "us girl" [kt and laura] soonly to catch up , and mr iain to jig the night away [high]

i cant really be bothered to type anymore sadly enough haha but anyhoo i bought some mroe oniell trainers from a cornish surf shop and they are amazing.

i = poor </3 x.x
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