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~ my favourite things .

Do you ever get the feeling people are avoiding spending time with you? do ir eally suck that bad ? haha

anyhoo today i got paid thus bought some jeans that look very manyly but are SO comfy, and a green bag and a little zip jacket thing.

i have work later which is a pigs anus. oh well its like £10 extra a week but seriously 2 hrs it feels so pointless to move

also today i was offered a credit card and i said no, im so proud lol but i did how every let them activate a small overdraft. not the full £250 but £100.
then i drew £50 out teh cash point and as you do, walked away haha. i ran back but i got fairly far away from my precioius pennies.
i feel like ive got so shallow in an attempt to avoid feelings. its working but im aware ppl dont like me lol.
meh i feel smelly i forgot how much i hate heat haha

Too bad the things that make you mad are my favourite things <333

City satd <3
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