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~ And we ask ourselves.. where did we go wrong?

hmm ok so a few things have upset me lately and ive ranted in here about them and realised "shut up no one cares" lol although i really do appreciate the text at 6 am, i miss you too baby <3333

anyhoo i have so much work on right now college is killing me but iguess deep down i love it. pressure is sometimes a motivator,
im hoping im out iwth iain on satd cause a good jig and drink and bitch is in order, but mainly just a hug and catch up.

cisty, yes yesi am indeed out you shall get drunk and such!

hmm pictures back from city i want to scan ythem in soon <333

meh back to teh slavery of 3000 words in 2 days.

oh and if any of you have ideas to display a written study in some kind of arty way, POST? *begs*

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