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so i realised, well matt realised, which makes it so much worse.. i was talking about hopefully btu most likely not going out with "friends" asap.. but no one else seems to care anyhoo, matt noticed that not one of my "friends" seems to give a shit about him or infact about meeting him properly which makes me feel horrible cause i make effort with other ppls lives and talk to iain's wife and even became civilised with lee for kt and tried to make up with laura for hayley and constantly try to meet up with laua S with no luck etc so i feel a bit shitty that no one seems to care one bit about meeting matt who ive been with for 6 months whos quite noticably made me so much happier in life..

oh well... im thinking on weds im gonna go to sheffield to see chrsitine. she doesnt knwo it yet but im gonna go see her for a day and do lunch and shopping etc, well this is of course if shes not working.. i hope not :(

anyway.. guess thats it from me because the only thing ihave to tlk about really is the NIntendo NES that i bought for matts bday soon, but no on really bothers about matt stuff so...
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